Welcome to my space in the vast world of the interweb! Here you will find my thoughts, experiences, and words of wisdom in regards to such things as fitness, food, and productivity. I will walk you through my triathlon training journey, strength training, and any other athletic endeavours I may embark on, as well as my journey towards eating as healthily for my body as possible. While I venture forward on this journey of personal health and fitness, I intend to steadily become more efficient in my productivity so as to accomplish more in the limited time I have daily, all the while being as environmentally sustainable as possible.

So, what does that mean?

I’m probably going to bombard you with a bunch of mushy and inspirational updates on my triathlon training. I’ll likely have you craving healthy gluten-free vegan food. Yes, even you meat eaters. I’ll also fill you in on some of my strategies, old and any new ones I discover, for being as productive as possible, because how else am I going to manage work, training, cooking yummy meals, fundraising, a blog, and you know, everything else in life. Last but not least, if I’m going to keep me healthy, I may as well do my part to help keep our planet happy too. Therefore, you may encounter some nudges in the direction of sustainability here and there.

If this sounds like your cup of tea (coffee if you prefer), then read on!