The Race of Hilariously Ill-Timed Mishaps!

Race One of Five: The Early Bird Sprint, the race of hilariously ill-timed mishaps. Just as I was about to step out the door to head off to the race destination, the zipper to my trisuit broke. Did I happen to have a second suit I could switch into quickly, maybe, but I am stubborn and wanted to wear this one in particular. So, I grabbed a pair of scissors, snipped the bottom most part of the teeth and slid the slider back on and hoped it lasted, and that I didn’t have to use the washroom facilities before the race started (of course, I had to, more than once, sigh). 

Next, I bump into a friend on her way to the triathlon, walking with her bike instead of riding it. FLAT TIRE! Worst timing ever, but alas, maybe not everything was ill-timed. If I hadn’t struggled with my zipper just before leaving, I may never have bumped into her at the precise moment our paths crossed, and I would not have been able to inform her that I was taking the O-Train…which was much preferred over walking the entire way. 

Then, some fellow triathletes and I, two of which were participating in their first triathlon ever, were just about to head over to the swim start, when a pair of goggles snap in half. In HALF! How do these things even happen? Nothing to worry about, there were goggles for sale on site, and the sales representative even tried to mend the goggles for us.

As for the race itself, despite the swim start delay, I had a blast during the whole race! This particular race rocks a pool swim at Carleton University, and I was calm and steady during the 500m swim despite crashing into the person in front of me in the first 25m, turns out, we are horrible at seeding ourselves at the correct speed. The 20km bike ride was fast and furious, and the run, once I figured out where it started, felt great! I finished the race with a smile, friends at the finish line, and a tiny bit of reserve energy to enjoy the rest of my day!