Hi, my name is Natasha! I am passionate about delicious vegan and gluten-free food, physical fitness via strength training, triathlon, yoga, trail running, climbing, and more!  I need to be moving to feel my best, which means I also need to fuel myself with nutritionally dense foods to keep me going.

Why gluten-free and vegan? Well, I discovered several years ago that I had an intolerance to gluten, dairy, and eggs. Yikes! That was hard to get used to after maintaining a strict ketogenic diet for over a year. Then, a couple of years into this journey, I went on a bike tour with the Otesha Project, where we traveled across Nova Scotia and New Brunswick on our bicycles advocating for sustainability via workshops and/or performance. Part of our mandate was that our impact on the environment, while we traveled, was minimal, which included maintaining a plant-based diet. I thought, well, sure, why not, I already don’t eat dairy or eggs, all that is left is meat. But, was I really ready to give it up? Could my body really handle the stress of cycling every day for two months without the protein found in meat? 

The answer is heck ya! I started off by “practicing” for two weeks before my departure date so that my body was not completely shocked by the diet change. Then, I embarked on the two-month journey without eating a single morsel of animal products and guess what? I was perfectly fine. Better than fine. So, upon my return, I didn’t see a need to change my eating habits, and I have maintained a “reasonably” gluten-free and vegan diet ever since. 

When I am not sweating it out or prepping my next meal, you will likely find me reading a good book, gardening, playing a board game, or spending quality time with my pup Molly, friends and family!

That is what I do when I master the whole “work-life balance” thing, otherwise, you will likely find me teaching students science, math, and all that other good stuff at a local school, organizing chess programs for youth across the city, running activities or providing respite care for children with Autism and planning and hosting fundraising events for charities and organizations such as Children at Risk or the Snowy Owl Foundation!

Til we meet again,